In the Garden of Earthly Delights we make you read your work aloud
Sometimes the things you think you'll love end up boring you to tears
These are just two of my favorite words
If you suddenly had 20+ hours a week to learn whatever you'd like, what would you do?

February 2023

Note: no Vikings spoilers in this post! I started watching Vikings seven years ago, and tore through the first three seasons before faltering in the…
I purchased a PS3 specifically to play The Last of Us, and made it about 10 minutes into the game before putting it down for good. Despite the rave…
My god y'all didn't tell me Bluey was this good
Something's not quite right with "the algorithm"

January 2023

Fashion and building an animation wardrobe
On the existential dread of receiving feedback
but I've got to be close, right? RIGHT?!
on Vikings and animation