i think the career path must be cyclic to stay enthralling. whether the cycle is within a company or between diff studios or diff careers altogether, you get deep enough in something to rly know its ins and outs in about three years, while you may leave that field for another, it is sort of easy for you to dive back in because much of the underlying concepts will be similar, while the names of the tools may have changed. the best software engineers are the best because they have mastered the engineering principles, and the programming languages afford them the way to structure their product.

i'm rambling but in general i think what your professor says is correct, but it is really difficult to have fresh ideas in a space if its the only space you operate in (nobel prizes often come from ppl within 10 years of joining their field). you get too deep in and can't see the forest from the trees etc. best way to avoid it is to have many deeply engaging activities.you may at times spend a whole day on a side project or a hobby instead of your work but the time away allows you to think with new perspectives and so it makes your other work sharper and more coherent

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Dec 21, 2022Liked by Jesse Mostipak

The title cracked me and drew me in and the article was worthy of the title. Have a great new year!

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